What is a 40cozy?

Our high quality, neoprene drink-sleeves fit on 40oz, 22oz, and 12oz bottles as well as 24oz cans and pint glasses. Each cozy comes equipped with a handle to help you take charge of the night.

Our flagship product, the 40cozy, was invented out of necessity. One cold December night in Berkeley 40cozy’s two founders were drinking 40oz beers on the roof. With their fingers freezing and 40’s getting warm, Carlos became inspired, ran inside and came back out with his 40 stuffed in an oven mitt.

This visionary feat kept his hands toasty and his malt liquor cold. Wanting more, they expanded on the idea and added the handle and eventually an entire line of stylish urban and tongue-in-cheek designs. After college they moved back to San Diego and enlisted the help of their friends to start a company that would revolutionize malt liquor consumption.

Since its inception in Berkeley we’ve introduced three new products including the tallboy cozy, pint cozy, and the wee cozy, a cozy that fits any 12oz bottle/can. Of course all our cozies feature 40cozy’s trademark handle and come in an array of bad ass designs.

The 40cozy team is happy to banish the paper bag and bring you stylin’ cozies for your quality and quantity drinking needs. Social drinking isn’t just about getting drunk- it’s a lifestyle. What better way to accessorize that outfit or stand out at a party than having a stylish cozy wrapped around that beer?

While we call it a cozy, other people call them beer koozies, coolies, coozies, bottle holders, can holders, stubby holders, koozie cups. Whether you call it a kozy, koozy, or neoprene drink sleeve- you’ll have to agree: 40cozy has redefined the beer-drinking landscape with its fresh style, unique sizes, and neoprene handles.

Whether your beer is in a 40oz, 24oz, 12oz or in a pint glass; whether it’s cheap malt liquor or the finest ale- you can enjoy your beer cold to the last drop.