Gettin’ Pumped for the Olde E Ski Trip

While it’s premature to start hyping up our 3rd Annual Olde E Ski Trip, I can’t help but go back on the photos/video of the past two years. The premise is simple: a dozen guys head up to a cabin with little more than our boards/skis, some bread and pb, various munchies, and 7-8 cases of Olde English malt liquor. The last two years have started out fairly smoothly- you know, building igloos, setting up mini board park courses, and the like. Inevitably, each day spirals into a drunken destruction match of a night.olde english weekend savagery
Some of the highlights include:

  • Towing guys on skis behind a truck down the snowy road at 30 mph to hit an 8 ft jump we masterfully crafted.
  • Someone stealing a car and driving it into a snowbank 20 yards down the road (which nobody claimed to know anything about, of course)

  • Lining up thirty 40 oz bottles on the balcony and having a competition to see whom can knock the most off by running and launching your body at said bottles.
  • Backflip contest from aforementioned balcony
  • Beatboxing contest inside igloo (which suprisingly fit everyone, big ups to the two engineers that rolled with us)
  • Knife-throwing contest
  • Three hour long jam sessions, featuring 5 guitars, a piano, bongo drums, harmonica, and a trash can to fill out the percussion section

The list continues, but I think you get the point. This year we’re trying to see if Olde E won’t sponsor us, but considering the past trips, I’m pretty sure we’re not the best example of responsible drinking. This year should be a doozy, and this time we’ll have at least one sponsor: 40Cozy. I’ll post some more pics from last year when I can find them.

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