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Dave Atell vs. Bree Olson – Extreme Beer Pong Battle

Wednesday, June 10th, 2009

On Comedy Central’s new show Tosh.0, Pornstar Bree Olson bares it all for an intense beer pong game against Dave Atell, one of my favorite comedians. Bree Olson implements some special talents she must have picked up in Thailand and shows Dave some moves that are illegal in most states.

Tosh.0 Thurs June 4th, 10pm / 9c
Extreme Beer Pong
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PartyStarter: The Drinking Games iPhone App released today!

Tuesday, January 20th, 2009

We’re happy to announce our latest iPhone app reached the iTunes App Store today. It’s got everything you need to get a party going- as long as you have at least one friend and something to drink, then you’re golden.


It has drinking game rules, GPS beer store locator, and a drunk dialer. For the full info, view our PartyStarter Drinking Games page or go to the iTunes store and download this iPhone app. Every app downloaded is another beer in our office fridge.

You can check out our other iPhone beer apps.

Edward Forty Hands: How to play

Wednesday, August 6th, 2008

Edward 40 Hands is a great time had by all…well, all who can drink two 40′s. If you can’t, read on anyways because we have another option for you. According to wikipedia (the source of all truth) the game is also known as “80 oz to freedom” and “The 40 Challenge.” Whatever you call it, here’s the rules:

1. Have a friend duct tape a 40 oz of malt liquor to each hand (or both hands to one 40oz if you’re taking it easy). The last person to tape in will have a harder time, but with some ingenuity they can manage.

2. Nobody can remove the 40′s from their hands until they’re finished drinking all 80 ounces of beer.

That’s it, those essentially are the two official rules. You can add some competition to the game by racing to finish, but completing the game is a solid accomplishment, so I wouldn’t worry about racing. You are allowed to go to the bathroom, answer the phone, have a smoke, whatever – that is, as long as your hands are still taped to those quickly-warming 40oz beers. If you can do that, cheers. It’s funny though, I’ve seen some very awkward times when a slow-drinking gent has to request a male friend to pull his pants zipper down. And that’s really just half the battle to emptying the bladder. The other half requires a weird wiggle dance…I guess you’ll figure it out if you have to.

The true beauty of the 40cozy is displayed when you use two 40cozy’s, one on each hand. With these on your paws, you’ll be able to take as long as you want, as your beer won’t become warm for a long time. The only thing that will rush your drinking is the increasing urge to urinate.

Don’t worry about the duct tape ruining the 40cozy’s, they come out looking great afterward. Next time you and your friends are sitting around with nothing to do, go buy a case of 40′s and strap up. Drink strong!

The Rambo Drinking Game

Monday, January 28th, 2008
If your gonna drink, do it now. Cuz i know not one of us isn't wishing they were someplace else right now. Live for nothing, or drink for something, whats your call?

If your gonna drink, do it now. Cuz i know not one of us isn't wishing they were someplace else right now. Live for nothing, or drink for something, whats your call?

While I haven’t yet seen the newest installment in the Rambo movie series, I already know it’s going to rock. Critics only gave it 1 star, but how can a movie suck with the slogan “Heroes Never Die, They Just Reload”?

The genius Todd Levin created a drinking game that will help everyone forget the fact that there is absolutely no plot to this deathfest. Here are some of my favorite rules:

  • Someone mentions John Rambo’s green beret background: Nod serenly and knowingly drink and say, to no one in particular, “They brought this on themselves. They created John Rambo.”
  • We see a pair of empty boots still smoking as evidence of death by explosion: Fill your shoe with beer, drink

Check out the rest of the rules to the Rambo Drinking Game. This game requires a case of beer and 2-3 tequila bottles to complete and is only recommended for the most seasoned drinkers. That’s at least four 40′s. Please drink responsibly…or else John Rambo will stuff a live grenade in your mouth. No, not a Mickey’s grenade.