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Perfect the Art of Drunk Dialing with Free iPhone App

Wednesday, June 10th, 2009

Whether you’re a reformed offender or still at the height of your drunk dialing, all drinkers have at least once abused the privilege and power of our mobile connectedness.

Late night bootie calls to your bio lab partner, drunken 2am voice mails for your brother on the East Coast, recruiting sober drivers when you wake up in a Korean BBQ joint 12 miles from your last un-blacked-out location – all these acts are made easy and entertaining with DrunkDialer, our latest free iPhone app.

It shuffles through your phone book and picks a victim contact at random. You can press the button to call, or spin the wheel again if your Aunt’s number comes up. This is how we like to get day parties started- sit on the couch, start rifling through our phones, find random phone numbers and invite them over for some beer and bbq. Before you know it, you have a random assortment of friends to help you finish that leftover keg.

Go get the DrunkDialer, build and strengthen friendships over a few beers, and burn the bridges that weren’t strong enough to withstand repeated drunk calls- they weren’t your type anyways.

Download it now! Link to iTunes Store

40oz Story Contest Winner #2

Wednesday, April 22nd, 2009

The second winner of the GorillaMask 40oz story competition is Casey from Michigan. Another casualty to the Edward 40 Hands! My B.S. detector went off with this story, but I do know this kind of thing happens on those rare times when the planets align for a plucky, young collegiate, so I’ll give Casey the benefit of the doubt. Check it:

K here goes,

My name is Casey and I was an alcoholic. Well all my friends from college and I were, but that’s not the point. I live in Rochester Hills Michigan right next to Oakland University. Now I know a lot of you people out there dont know anything about Oakland U, but there is one thing you should know. There are 4 to 1 girls to guys on that campus. And most of the chicks around here are pretty wealthy, thus well taken care of by daddy and amazingly hot. Well my buddies and I used to have house parties at my crib at least 2 nights a week, from the time I was 21 to…. well… now. And one of these such parties was by far the best. We play this game called Edward 40 hands.  The object of the game is to finish both 40′s before the other people playing. The loser is the one who either, throws up, pisses their pants, or is the last to finish. And if you are unfortunate enough to lose, then you have to bun run around the house with the whole party taunting you the whole time. Now back to the story. It was a saturday night and I had 6 or 7 of my good friends over, who by the way never pull any tail, EVER. And my buddy Matt, who is the only one besides me who isnt vaginally challenged enough to score some poon. So naturally Matt and I start calling some girls, telling everyone we were having a bonfire and to bring 40′s for the game. Well little did we know that the girls we called had a sister sorority in from texas, and were bringing 20 or so smoking hott girls over with them. So about a half hour goes by and we are starting to hit the sauce pretty heavy, when ding-dong, the girls showed up. It was like fucking Christmas (more…)

40oz Story Contest Winner #1

Wednesday, April 22nd, 2009

We ran a contest with our homies at, to see who could send in the wildest story involving drinking one or multiple 40 oz beverages. Here’s one of the winning stories from their reader Eric B. from Iowa, with a pretty ridiculous and tragically hilarious 40oz story:

It was the first time I had every played “Edward Fortyhands” in my Freshman year at college.  Before I played it, not knowing what the hell it was all about, I had some…diarrhea problems earlier in the day.  So I’m about halfway through playing the game, and I realized that I had to fart.  So I let one rip. It was really loud and stinky.  Ended up being, I “sharted”! My pants were just covered in my crap and I was trying to run to the bathroom but people were having sex in it.  So I run outside and try to depants myself (kind of tough when you got two 40 oz duct taped to your hands).  After about five minutes, I finally get my pants off and rip the bottles out of my hands with my feet, the cops show up and I’m in the backyard naked, covered in shit, and totally wasted.  I had NO ambition to run.  Still to this day, I am known as “Edward Shittypants” all around the college.

Kinda like this, but without pants on and covered in doo doo butter.

Kinda like this, but without pants on and covered in doo doo butter.

Why the 40cozy has a handle

Thursday, February 5th, 2009

Beer Koozies with handles are a brilliant thing. Why yes, yes we did invent them. How can these pics not convince you the necessity of a handle for your beer? This passed out borracho isn’t the only one who’s come to with his beer still in hand…that’s why we added this beer saving function. Your drunk friends will be impressed. They also make it easier to keep your beer around with straining your hand, which can occur when it’s your second 40 oz of Olde English.

good 40cozy handle use


Edward Forty Hands Party in SLO

Monday, January 5th, 2009

We always try to post about our parties, but by the time we recover photographic evidence, stories, and our dignity it can be a month late. These pics are almost a year late. We threw this party with Central Pacific Ski Club, a rowdy bunch of hooligans from SLO. The theme was “Billy Bob 40 Hands” and everyone strapped up with a 40oz on each hand. Edward Forty Hands is a classic party game, but these kids really took it to the next level. Costumes were classic. The 40cozy is perfect for this as it keeps your hands warm and beer cold for the whole duration of the game. You can duct tape on top of the beer cozy, to keep people honest. The neoprene handle keeps your beers in hand, so your hands don’t get as tired. We were quite proud the products held up against such intense raging.

By the end there were people strewn about the yard, a dozen hardcore individuals still going strong in the jacuzzi, and around 300 empty 40′s in the recycling. Well played, CPSC, well played.

Drunken fun on your fridge!

Monday, November 17th, 2008

Have you ever wanted to pour your booze through an elaborate contraption attached to your fridge before drinking?  Well the Chugulug Drinks Factory seems to be the answer.  I think Gizmodo had the best tagline: If Rube Goldberg Were an Underage Girl You Wanted to Get Drunk.

The setup comes with the following and magnets to your fridge for easy access:


  • 2 x vortex funnels – where you pour in your booze and mixer
  • 1 x ‘the mill’ – the paddles mix you drink as it goes though
  • 1 x ‘the propeller’ – aerates and churns you drink to perfection
  • 1 x ‘the tank’ – fills up as the multi coloured balls splash around
  • 1 x ‘the tap’ – where your perfect drink is stored ( you can also add ice here to chill it!)

Notsoberfest 2008: Burning bridges, dousing that fire with malt liquor

Monday, October 27th, 2008

Last weekend we celebrated P.J.’s 24th by renting out a warehouse and going apeshit. Our marketing guy and resident drunk, this party needed to represent every part of his ridiculous existence. Around 100 rowdy hooligans showed up to rage, paint, crush, drink, dance, bang and fight into the early morning. Supplies required for such an event:

  • 100 year old lumber mill, rooftop bbq, graffiti room,
  • Two kegs, 12 handles, thirty-six 40oz’s of malt liquor, 50 bottles of homebrew
  • One 6 ft tall pinata
  • DJ spinning nasty baby-making House
  • 5 beer pong tables, 30 person flip cup game, beer bong
  • Paint, spraypaint, paint pens, pig’s blood

The original plan was for all the drunk asses to crash in the warehouse, so we could all get crazy without getting behind the wheel. Destruction ensued: the walls, livers, dance floor, massive pinata, furniture, nothing was safe. And leave it to P.J. to be the only person we know to get kicked out of his own birthday party.

All in all, the first inaugural Notsoberfest was a hit and next year’s should be even wilder. Check out the photo gallery and see it for yourself.

Google’s Mail Goggles, a new Gmail feature

Tuesday, October 7th, 2008

If you’re like many people, some of the most recent innovations (cell phones, text messages, electronic mail, etc.) have opened up a whole new way to make an ass of yourself when drunk or otherwise in a state of poor judgement.

Well, Google’s got your back with a newly released Labs feature. This one is called Mail Goggles and it’s intended to help you avoid sending those late night or weekend emails that you’ll regret later.

As stated on their blog, “it will check that you’re really sure you want to send that late night Friday email. And what better way to check than by making you solve a few simple math problems after you click send to verify you’re in the right state of mind?”

God bless you Google.

Newlyweds tasered twice in Michigan, here’s to you!

Monday, August 18th, 2008

What started as a “top-notch” and “civilized” wedding turned into a newsworthy disaster, thanks to large amounts of booze and the taser-happy local police. The July 19 wedding reception ended in several arrests, including the bride and groom, whom spent the night with strangers in separate holding cells about 50 feet apart.

Oh that’s not all though. Two days later, they were arrested and shocked with a stun gun a second time. This time I guess the police were responding to a noise complaint.

As a wedding gift, we at 40cozy would like to send you some of our tuxedo beer koozies. Clearly you are passionate about your drinking, and we’d like to salute your dedication. Sorry you two had to be another victim to the recent trend in law-enforcement of sadistically tasing first and asking questions second. Actually, probably laughing in an evil voice second, and then asking questions.

Read the whole story here.

25 Great Pick up Lines @

Thursday, July 3rd, 2008

Go on over and check out the 25 clever pick up lines at Sloshspot. I’ve implemented the polar bear one, gotta have a sense of humor for that one though. You’ll be thanking them if one of these lines hits big… or cursing them after a drink is poured in your lap. Here’s one for the bold:

Excuse me. My friend over there is a little embarrassed. He’d like your phone number. He wants to know where he can get a hold of me in the morning.

The fine people at Sloshspot have created a website that can always answer the question “Where should I go out tonight?” When 4:30 starts rolling around, use that last half hour at the office to actually do something, like utilize their targeted search for nightlife and entertainment to figure out how you’ll regain some of the life that monotonous day at work sucked out of you.