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Can’t we just drink our Four Loko in peace?

Friday, November 19th, 2010

Four Loko BannedWith all the hullabaloo regarding the banning of caffeinated alcohol drinks by three states and now the FDA, there’s been a blow up of response online. We here at 40cozy believe in increasing the level of responsibility we all should take in our own actions instead of blaming inanimate objects for our poor decisions. We are all for maintaining personal liberties and reducing the b.s. nanny state nonsense.

You want to drink paint and go basejumping? As long as you aren’t hurting anyone else or creating a public danger/nuisance, go for it! And post the footage to Youtube please!

Below are some funny/interesting 4Loko related links for you all to enjoy:

The 24 hour 4Loko diet – This 34 yr old retired party boy challenges himself to drink 6 4Lokos in 24 hours without any other drink or food. He video records his progress. I’m sure you all can predict how this ends, but check it out anyways for a giggle. – Join the cause fighting The Man’s oppression. “This war of aggression will not be met with silence.”

A Eulogy for Four Loko by EvilChili

Five Reasons to Like Four Loko by TheSmokingJacket

The Four Lokator – Where is Four Loko Banned? by Sloshspot

How to make your own Four Loko:

Beer Links

Monday, June 15th, 2009

How Drunkenness Affects Your Chances of Getting Laid

Which country is the latest Heavyweight Drinking Champ of the World?

Skinny Blonde Beer – Creative use of heat-sensitive inks, as it warms the label exposes more

9,000-year-old beer hitting the shelves this summer

Beer Pong vs Beirut – what is the game called? Who gives a shit? See what 45,ooo kids voted on CollegeHumor.

Eva Longoria in a bikini – No, this isn’t about beer exactly. But it’s of interest to some. You’re a chick and not into Eva? Here’s a photo of David Hasselhoff in a mankini and matching cardigan. You’re welcome.

Christmas Gifts for Beer Drinkers: Day 2 – the Beer Blaster

Friday, December 5th, 2008

Have you ever thought to yourself: “Self, you should fill a super-soaker up with beer and then shoot your friends in the mouth!”?  I can’t say that i’ve ever thought that either, but after seeing this product, i wish i had.  Presenting the second in our daily Beer Drinkers Christmas Gift feature: The Beer Blaster

 Here is the description from their site:

The Beer Blaster is a handheld high-velocity drink delivery system. Translation? It’s a Beer Gun. Harnessing the carbonation power of canned drinks, the blaster can shoot your beverage of choice over 10 feet. A favorite on college campuses, the Beer Blaster is sweeping the party scene.

I’m not sure about “sweeping the party scene.” My party activity of choice is still drinking the beer and not shooting it, but this might come in handy towards the end of the night when things get out of hand.  Also, after looking at their site, i’ve got to say I’ve got a fond place in my heart for these innovative drinkers starting their own small business.  Buy a Beer Blaster and keep the small businesses of America afloat!

Drunken fun on your fridge!

Monday, November 17th, 2008

Have you ever wanted to pour your booze through an elaborate contraption attached to your fridge before drinking?  Well the Chugulug Drinks Factory seems to be the answer.  I think Gizmodo had the best tagline: If Rube Goldberg Were an Underage Girl You Wanted to Get Drunk.

The setup comes with the following and magnets to your fridge for easy access:


  • 2 x vortex funnels – where you pour in your booze and mixer
  • 1 x ‘the mill’ – the paddles mix you drink as it goes though
  • 1 x ‘the propeller’ – aerates and churns you drink to perfection
  • 1 x ‘the tank’ – fills up as the multi coloured balls splash around
  • 1 x ‘the tap’ – where your perfect drink is stored ( you can also add ice here to chill it!)

1 Million Liters?! Booze Imports to German Soldiers in Afghanistan

Thursday, November 13th, 2008

The camps where German soldiers are stationed along with some other troops serving with NATO’s International Security Assistance Force (ISAF), received about 990,000 litres of beer and 69,000 litres of wine and sparkling wine in 2007, according to media reports on Wednesday.

And this year the total is on track to rise, with some 512,000 litres of beer and 42,000 litres of wine being sent out in the first six months of 2008.

- via Some German News Site

Not surprisingly, reconstructing Afghanistan can really make a man want to throw back a few. Even less surprising is the fact that Germans are being Germans, and by that I mean drunk. Apparently Germans back home are quite concerned about this, but I don’t see anything peculiar about it. With only 3600 German soldiers stationed in these camps, that breaks their per capita consumption to:

284 liters of beer/year = 0.78 liters/day

23 liters of wine/year = 0.06 liters/day

Wait, why are they upset? Maybe my math is off, otherwise I don’t see what the problem is. What the hell else can you do in the middle of Afghanistan?

I think the really tragedy is for our American brothers and sisters stationed in the Middle East. A few of our homies are/were stationed in Iraq, and they’ve revealed the terrible fact that there’s no booze allowed in some of the US camps. Damned shame.

A Buddhist Temple Built from Beer Bottles

Friday, October 24th, 2008

Using a million recycled beer bottles, these Thai monks created one of the most amazing things I’ve ever seen.

The Wat Pa Maha Chedi Kaew temple is about 400 miles northeast of Bangkok in the city of Khun Han close to the Cambodian border. Using Heineken bottles (green) and Chang Beer bottles (brown) the monks were able to clean up the local pollution and create a useful structure that will be a visual reminder to the scope of pollution and the potential we can make with limber minds. –

BioBeer: Anti-Cancer beer being created by college students

Monday, October 20th, 2008

A group of Rice University college students say they are creating a beer to reduce cancer and heart disease. Deemed “BioBeer,” this genius brew will have resveratrol, a substance in grapes shown to reduce cancer and heart disease.

Using genetic engineering, the students plan on developing a genetically modified strain of yeast that will ferment beer and produce resveratrol at the same time. We can’t wait to start thwarting cancer, one beer at a time. Hurry up and get this beer to market boys!

Fighting cancer

Fighting cancer

Google’s Mail Goggles, a new Gmail feature

Tuesday, October 7th, 2008

If you’re like many people, some of the most recent innovations (cell phones, text messages, electronic mail, etc.) have opened up a whole new way to make an ass of yourself when drunk or otherwise in a state of poor judgement.

Well, Google’s got your back with a newly released Labs feature. This one is called Mail Goggles and it’s intended to help you avoid sending those late night or weekend emails that you’ll regret later.

As stated on their blog, “it will check that you’re really sure you want to send that late night Friday email. And what better way to check than by making you solve a few simple math problems after you click send to verify you’re in the right state of mind?”

God bless you Google.

America’s Top Drinking Cities

Monday, October 6th, 2008

Forbes has done some interesting research into which of America’s large metropolitan areas are home to the heaviest drinkers. Sorry to everyone who’s been working hard to bring their town to popularity as America’s Binge Drinking Capital. Maybe next list. Here’s the 15 cities most likely to need liver donors:

1. Austin, TX
2. Milwaukee, WI
3. San Francisco, CA
4. Providence, RI
5. Chicago, IL
6. Seattle, WA
7. Cleveland, OH
8. St. Louis, MO
9. Boston, MA
10. Cincinnati, OH
11. Pittsburgh, PA
12. Virginia Beach, VA
13. Portland, OR
14. Jacksonville, FL
15. Detroit, MI

I’ve sadly only been to one of these locales: San Francisco. Yes, yes I did drink there. I really need to go check out these cities. I wonder if the fine residents are fun, social drinkers or of the closeted, watching-Daily-Show-while-drinking-and-writing-blog-posts variety, such as myself.

Newlyweds tasered twice in Michigan, here’s to you!

Monday, August 18th, 2008

What started as a “top-notch” and “civilized” wedding turned into a newsworthy disaster, thanks to large amounts of booze and the taser-happy local police. The July 19 wedding reception ended in several arrests, including the bride and groom, whom spent the night with strangers in separate holding cells about 50 feet apart.

Oh that’s not all though. Two days later, they were arrested and shocked with a stun gun a second time. This time I guess the police were responding to a noise complaint.

As a wedding gift, we at 40cozy would like to send you some of our tuxedo beer koozies. Clearly you are passionate about your drinking, and we’d like to salute your dedication. Sorry you two had to be another victim to the recent trend in law-enforcement of sadistically tasing first and asking questions second. Actually, probably laughing in an evil voice second, and then asking questions.

Read the whole story here.