28 Drinks Later: Trailer

28 Drinks Later from Futuristic Films on Vimeo.

By Nick Goossen

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Amazing Beer/Wine Cellar

This has got to be one of the coolest things I’ve ever seen. I would wig out if I saw one of these in real life, such a great idea. I can’t think of a cooler addition to a kitchen!


I’m now a firm believer that I need a walk-in beer cellar. My kitchen feels so lame now.

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Snoop Dogg vs. Kirby mashup music video

Snoop Dogg and Kirby collabo music video, Drop It Like It’s Hot. I think Snoop found himself partyin’ in video game land after one too many blizzunts.

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This beer’s from friggin outer space, man!

Leave it to the Japanese to come up with this! Sapporo Brewery has just released a very limited edition beer made from barley grown on the International Space Station. The barley comes from a 5 month mission to test growing crops in space, which also yielded harvests of lettuce, wheat, and peas.

The beer, named “Space Barley,” is available for 250 lucky beer-drinkers who will be selected through a lottery. A six-pack will set you back around $115, which I think is worth drinking the first beer from OUTER SPACE.

Watch the video below for more info, or go read up on Space Barley at Sapporo’s website.

All I know is were I at one of the tastings, I’d vigorously backhand the first person who remarked, “This beer is out of this world!”

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Twenty Things Worth Knowing About Beer


The Oatmeal, a brilliant and hilarious web comics creator, has just posted his latest comic, explaining the 20 Things Worth Knowing About Beer. It’s a great list, go check it out: http://theoatmeal.com/comics/beer

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Miss the Old Kick of Sparks? Make Some Bathtub Sparks

In case you didn’t know, back in Dec ’08 MillerCoors removed caffeine and all other energy-inducing ingredients from the tongue-staining malt liquor/energy drink hybrid, Sparks.

Well the kind people at SFoodie have done some brilliant reverse engineering and came up with a way to create their own Sparks at home, dubbed “Bathtub Sparks” or “Moonshine Sparks.” To make your own, you’ll need to gather the following:

2 pieces Pez candy, one yellow, one pink
1 can King Cobra
1 can Red Bull

Crush the Pez until reduced to a fine powder. Transfer the powder to the bottom of an empty glass. Pour in equal parts King Cobra and Red Bull. Don’t be alarmed when the foaming begins; it will subside. Adjust for flavor.

Now sit back with your nasty orange drank and get your caffeinated krunk on.

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Clean up those Party Pics for Grandma with some Boozecats

BoozeCats.com, a funny new site making the rounds,  mixes two of web surfers’ favorite things:

1) Stupid photos of cats

2) Posting pictures of themselves drinking, as if to say: “Hey look Internet friends, see how I have a drink in my hand? That’s cuz I like to party!”

While the LOLcat and the posted drinking pic might be weak/overplayed on their own, combining the two seems to transcend any possible lameness and reach a state of ridiculous meme nirvana. Check out some of the photos we cherrypicked from their site:

In the spirit of things, I created one featuring some 40cozy cat’s in action:


According to the site:

Boozecats was inspired in part by Lisa’s frantic search for a photo of herself that did not contain beer.  I realized every one of our pictures has beer in it somewhere, so I decided to edit them all out using cats.

So go ahead and make your own and submit it to their site for eternal boozecat fame and notoriety.

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Best BLU Time-Lapse Graffiti Art Animation Videos

The amazing Italian artist BLU is incredibly talented, and quite well-known, partly thanks to his popular time-lapse videos on YouTube. His style is unique and appealing, and the scale of his work is very impressive. Here’s an interview from 2004 of BLU on WoosterCollective, the best site I’ve found venerating everything street art.  Of course his murals are very impressive as they are, but the videos can really make your jaw drop. If you have a 1/2 hour and your mind to blow, then watch some of these hand-picked videos of BLU in action. This guy’s legendary.


MUTO a wall-painted animation by BLU from blu on Vimeo.

COMBO a collaborative animation by Blu and David Ellis (2 times loop)



BLU in Berlin (not an animation, but a great time-lapse showing his process)

Visit his site: http://blublu.org

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Three Deer Go For a Beer Run

Deers for Beers – Well, not sure what the hell these deer were up to charging in this liquor store. Imaging working in a lazy, local beer shop just minding your time when a frantic herd of deer go ballistic all over your ass. Check out the video it’s pretty wild:

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RIP Ol’ Dirty Bastard

As Robotindisguise put it:

RIP Ol’ Dirty Bastard a.k.a ODB a.k.a Big Baby Jesus, Sweet Baby Jesus a.k.a Dirt McGirt a.k.a Dirt Dog a.k.a Russell Jones a.k.a Osirus (Osirus the father) a.k.a Joe Bananas. a.k.a Ol’ Dirt Schultz. a.k.a Hasaan. a.k.a Ill Irving the Murderer a.k.a The BZA a.k.a The Drunken Master Styles a.k.a Ason Jones, Ason Unique a.k.aRain Man.

Died too young 5 years ago taday.

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