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Today I received a mystery box at the office. Not expecting anything, I was giddy like a schoolgirl at this surprise. That excitement tripled when I found 12 beers inside from various microbreweries located in the Sierra Nevada Mountains. After a quick fist pump, a “aww hells yeah!” and a little beer jig, I awkwardly sat down with all eyes staring at me. Screw them, I just got beer!

My girlfriend described it as a man gift, a bouquet of beers. I say skip the other stupid gifts and next time send your friend some delicious craft beer. Here’s a list of some of the best online beer stores, according to Eli from Don’t f@*k with Eli, he knows:

Buy Beer Online at:

  1. Ale in the Mail – They’ve got a beer of the month club, where they send you 12 microbrews allowing you to sample some of the best ales and lagers from all over the country. You can also send a tin Party Pail filled with microbrews, just add ice and you got a nice shindig starter.
  2. Beer on the Wall – This is where I got my gift box from. I met the owner Rick Steven at the Monterey Beer Festival and he’s a stand-up guy. They have gift baskets, hard-to-find brews, and they can even customize the beer labels for any occasion.
  3. John’s Grocery – Every week John posts a new group of special deals on imported, micro and specialty beers. Sign up for his newsletter to get the heads up on what’s in stock.
  4. Liquid Solutions – With such an impressive inventory of rare and delicious beers, they truly are “Purveryors of World Class Beer”
  5. Beer Geek – They’ve got more beers than you can shake a stick at. I hate that saying, but it’s actually true in this case. Very impressive.

Yeah, speaking of those craft beers from the lady, I’ve already had too many of them, so I’m done with this list. Do you really need ten? Why are these lists always ten? You can find the rest of Eli’s list at Now go buy some awesome beer you’ve never heard of. My suggestion: Go to or and find some of the top-rated beers in the world. Start out easy though, cuz it’s a bad idea to jump straight from the rusty playground that is Milwaukee’s Best into the Thunderdome of Taste that is Stone Imperial Russian Stout or Lost Abbey’s The Angel’s Share (shout-outs to our recently world-famous local brews). You’re welcome in advance, thank Eli because he did the leg work.

Note: With each site, check if your state is one they can legally send alcohol. Apparently, there are certain states that aren’t part of Real America, where you can have booze delivered without even putting on pants.

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9 Responses to “Buy Beer Online: Top 10 Online Beer Stores”

  1. Christel Letor Says:


    We just wanted to add our shop to the list as well. We specialize in Belgian Premium Ales. No wonder I would say as we are located in Belgium. 95% of our customer base is based in North America. Come and check it out at

  2. Stephen Burns Says:

    I really don’t know if this may help in my quest or not but, I am looking to get the entire collection of Fuller’s vintage ales and I can’t seem to be able to find any sort of online auction or warehouse where I may be able to purchase them. any help would be appreciated. my e-mail is if anybody can help me

  3. Brie Says:

    With the title “Top 10 Online Beer Stores,” I sort of thought there would be 10 listed? Where are the other 5? This is a strange request, but I am looking to have Primo and Colt 45 beers shipped to Boise, Idaho, because they are not sold here. Any suggestions?

  4. ben Says:

    do you know where i can order medalla light online?

  5. Scott Says:

    Just wanted to drop a line and echo what PJ said about I just received a 12 pack sampler from them. AWSOME!!! not one beer was the same, good mix of light medium and dark beers, plus their web site has almost 100 different west coast micros to choose from if you want to pick your own beer. DOUBLE AWSOME!!!


  6. Nikos Says:

    I have more than ones use online beer stores in Europe and I may say that “The Belgian Beer Shop” and “Cracked Kettle” are great for belgian beers.

    My question to you is how can I order US beer (micro of course) in Europe? Do you know if there is an online shop that delivers US beer in Europe?

  7. Anubis Says:

    where can I order Simpatico beer we know its back but where ?

  8. Rohan Wicks Says:

    Just wondering if anyone knows where to buy boag’s premium or cascade premium online in the States.

  9. Jason Vance Says:

    I just wanted to let you know about our “Craft Beer” online shop. We specialize in hard to find beers from your favorite mircro brewery. Brewforia Beer Market is your online source for specialty beer, one of a kind gifts and all the things that make beer lovers happy.

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