40oz Story Contest Winner #1

We ran a contest with our homies at GorillaMask.net, to see who could send in the wildest story involving drinking one or multiple 40 oz beverages. Here’s one of the winning stories from their reader Eric B. from Iowa, with a pretty ridiculous and tragically hilarious 40oz story:

It was the first time I had every played “Edward Fortyhands” in my Freshman year at college.  Before I played it, not knowing what the hell it was all about, I had some…diarrhea problems earlier in the day.  So I’m about halfway through playing the game, and I realized that I had to fart.  So I let one rip. It was really loud and stinky.  Ended up being, I “sharted”! My pants were just covered in my crap and I was trying to run to the bathroom but people were having sex in it.  So I run outside and try to depants myself (kind of tough when you got two 40 oz duct taped to your hands).  After about five minutes, I finally get my pants off and rip the bottles out of my hands with my feet, the cops show up and I’m in the backyard naked, covered in shit, and totally wasted.  I had NO ambition to run.  Still to this day, I am known as “Edward Shittypants” all around the college.

Kinda like this, but without pants on and covered in doo doo butter.

Kinda like this, but without pants on and covered in doo doo butter.

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